Digital Art Collections

Achtungrael's Aleph

Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits is a collection that explores my entire being (Physical, mental and spirit) through time and space, every piece is a depiction of a particular moment of my life mixing the inputs of memories, daily information from the outside, emotions, energetic frequencies and visions gathered all together in one image representing the system that works within me. All descriptions for the pieces are poems that emanate form that particular piece. It is the first collection released under my own contract powered by . Visit the collection here.



My first collection of NFT Art "EncryptedMessages"


We as humans living on earth since the time of ancient civilizations always wonder about the heavens, the space, the universe, the gods; it seems we are waiting for someone or something to show up and tells us that we are not alone in this huge amount of space and time. My collection "EncryptedMessages" addresses this topic through glyphs and symbols that are encrypted messages because it is in an unkown lenguage for humans, a secret code waiting to be decoded and to discover another dimensions and realities. They pop up in my dreams and in my mind and i found them like messages, diagrams, schemes, formulas, announcements, predictions, alien chipboards and visions through time and space. Each glyph has it's own meaning and information maybe to build an spaceship maybe to create energy out of thin air, maybe to become ethereal. 

Visit the collection here.



FRACTREES Collection is a tribute to the natural aesthetics that trees hold within their fractalization which i have a fascination for since i had a very nice and awakening DMT trip where i saw the perfection of the branches with a stary black night background, that is where i felt the connection of everything in nature and got to open my mind seeing also spirals that the stars form. The process: I take the photographs and using the less resources possible i put in my own vision into each piece, with lines, shapes and color fractal generated images.

Visit the collection here.

Open Sea


This collection of spheres explores the perspective and perception of reality and fantasy combined, the circle and the sphere are very powerful geometric shapes that hold the secrets of number 9. The photographs were taken by me from real life and then turned into spheres and combined with digital fractal spheres giving the final result of colorful surreal small worlds.

Visit the collection here.


Cryptosemiotics is a study on a new system of symbols and signs created by me. I created and handrawed an alphabet from A to Z in upper and lower case including numbers and then i turn it into a font so i could work with it in many possible ways using my own language and sign system to create pieces.

Visit the collection here.