AudioVisual Artist / Artista Audiovisual


Where i come from

I was born December 2nd 1978 in Mexico City, Mexico. The first approach i had to art was through music when i was about 5 years old, specially with progressive rock bands from the 70's like Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, that fantasy world woke up my curiousity into an incredible universe not only of music but with cover albums as well, psychedelia, fantasy and imagination were a very important part of my life at a very early stage.  I've been creating physical and digital Art since 2003 going through acrylic paintings, jpgs, abstract art videos, music, animation, video mapping, live visuals and installations.

Where i am

I am a full time multidiciplinary artist developing my own aesthetics style and artistic voice both in analog and digital realms and that is helping me understand more of me as a human being expressing in a deep and complex way. In this journey i am exploring my body, mind and my soul depicting visualy myself as a system with inputs, processes and outputs and i am learning more about me in every piece i make. The main inputs for my creative process are the thoughts and abstracctions about the cosmos, time/space,  technology, ancient civilizations and human behavior.

The mix of it all depicted through my aesthetic vision give birth to my creations.

Where i am going

The future is uncertain with everything and everyone including myself, what i have very clear is that my roadmap is my own life and i will create art, explore it and expand it as long as i live.

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