AudioVisual Artist / Artista Audiovisual

Where i come from

I was born December 2nd 1978 in Mexico City, Mexico. That day there was a fire at the hospital. When i was 5 i got a broken leg from a nasty car crash that later put me in front of a TV set and an Atari 2600 for three months. Visual stuff from that had a very strong influence on me, i think it all started around 1985 the day i start seeing little aliens from outer space invading the TV screen, and this little pizza-like being running through a maze chased by ghosts, that caught my imagination forever, the colors, the sounds, the movement, but not just the playing part but also the things that you could find inside that kind of electronic devices and others aswell. My father is an electronic engineer and because of that i got to see many electronic devices from the inside, the chip boards, the parts, also the schematics for it so i started understanding that machines like that worked because they had this complex systems inside and it's aesthetics caught my attention in a very strong and deep way, i kept that part asleep for many years until i started drawing just because i needed to let go of many bad things and feelings that i was and still going through one of those being death of my mother in 1999 in a car accident. My mother was a very loving and tender mother, she was a kinder garden teacher and she had a very delicate and propper way of teaching many things not just from the traditional educational system but also from life in general, she thought me how to be gentle but also strong, she put me in touch with my creative being and to explore it and how to grow in freedom of create in hapiness, she was a very spiritual being and one of the first people that i knew of that were leaving the traditional catolic religion way of thinking, feeling and living. Almost at the end of her life she was very into spirituality and she thought me about sacred geometry and how the whole universe was built in this way, when she talked about this i was still very young and didn't fully understood the importance of it all, after many years of grieving i started getting more interested about it and to add this information into my life in a way to connect with her and her knowledge in a etheral way and that is where i started looking more deeply into nature itself as a manifestation of a higher force that lives throughout the multiverse with shapes, forms, energy and higher inteligence.

I had a major in communication science in 1998, then worked as a graphic designer, web developer and video producer for more than 20 years for the private industry, in that time i started getting interested in art and its manifestation throughout history and learned more about it. My main art influence at the begnning was POP art with Andy Warhol then mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and finally and more strongly Wasily Kandinsky and the abstract art.

Where i am

Right now i am a full time artist developing my own aesthetics both analog and digital and that is helping me understand more of me so actually i am exploring my mind and my soul in this journey, also experimenting with sound, music and animation trying to reach more ways of expression with every idea and concept that live on every piece i make.

Where i am going

The future is uncertain with everything and everyone including myself, what i have very clear is that my roadmap is my own life and i will create art, explore it and expand it as long as i live.

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