Francisco Contreras Esquinca a.k.a. ACHTUNGRAEL

Multimedia Artist / Artista Multimedia

An exciting new art form is emerging from the mind of achtungrael a neo abstract style which combines ancient glyphs and circuit boards with geometry and modern technology. At first glance, the work appears to be simplistic and abstract, but it is in fact a complex synthesis of traditional and modern elements. The chip boards, which act as historic inspiration for achtungrael's artwork, offer a unique technological perspective to the art. Meanwhile, the ancient glyphs and geometric shapes give the work a timeless quality and hint at the artist's thoughtful consideration of the traditional elements. The end result is mesmerising the intricate lines and shapes form pleasing patterns, while the chip boards create a visual texture and depth that no other medium could provide. In achtungrael's work, technology and tradition come together harmoniously, creating something that is both futuristic and infinitely old. This ingenious blend of the old and the new provides viewers with an opportunity to contemplate the relationship between humanity's past and its future. Simply put, achtungrael's neo abstract art is nothing short of captivating. It challenges viewers to stretch their imaginations and explore worlds outside of their own. It is no wonder that the artist's work has created such a buzz in the art world it is a stunning synthesis of innovation and tradition that will undoubtedly influence many generations to come.


Dr. ElizElizabeth Ferneaabeth Fernea

Where i come from

I was born December 2nd 1978 in Mexico City, Mexico. The first approach i had to art was through music when i was about 5 years old, specially with progressive rock bands from the 70's like Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, that fantasy world woke up my curiosity into an incredible universe not only of music but with cover albums as well, psychedelia, fantasy and imagination were a very important part of my life at a very early stage.  I've been creating physical and digital Art since 1999 going through acrylic paintings, jpgs, abstract art videos, music, animation, video mapping, live visuals and installations.

Where i am

I am a full time multidiciplinary artist developing my own aesthetics style and artistic voice both in analog and digital realms and that is helping me understand more of me as a human being expressing in a deep and complex way. In this journey i am exploring my body, mind and my soul depicting visualy myself as a system with inputs, processes and outputs and i am learning more about me in every piece i make. The main inputs for my creative process are the thoughts and abstractions about the cosmos, time/space, geometry, technology, ancient civilizations and human behavior.

The mix of it all depicted through my aesthetic vision and a very unique artistic voice give birth to my creations.

Where i am going

As an artist, I'm looking to the future with excitement and ambition. My goal is to create work that is inspired and meaningful, work that provides a window into my world and my thoughts. I'm aiming for success, both in terms of recognition and achievement. I hope to have my art be seen and appreciated, to gain the recognition of the art world and to have my creativity be celebrated. I'm striving to reach a level of success that will be both visible and lasting. I'm working to create a lasting legacy through my artwork

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